Adolescence, like other life stages, is very important stage. It’s division between childhood and adulthood. Length of this stage is not clear and it differs among individuals and across different cultures, usually this stage starts ,at age of 12 and ends till 18.

 Adolescence, is important  transfer level of life, in which individual experience extreme emotions. In this stage,various demands arise, which are in contrast with one another. Happiness and joy suddenly changes into depression and sadness.Proudness changes in to shyness. Inspite of having friendship groups, most of the time, they feel lonely and these negative feelings result in to particular problems, the most common is self-injury.For more guidance and information regarding adolescence problems and their treatments, refer to best psychologist in Raz e mandegar centre in Tehran.

 Some youth, try to gain their peace, comfort and happiness, through burning ,scratching or carving their skin, by doing so, they achieve internal satisfaction and are able to calm down their excitements, but influence is brief and for short time period.

 Intentionally injuries to skin is committed by youth in order to control and overcome their excitements and to achieve feelings of happiness and peace, this act is known as self-injury. Adolescents with major depression, are on higher risk of committing self-injuries, to, achieve immediate peace. After depression, teenagers are more victim of alcohol addiction. After all any mental patients, Who indicate symptoms such as depressive symptoms ,loneliness, aggressiveness and excessive fights are prone to commit suicide or self-injuries. Individual who are famous for wickedness and have distorted relations with others or suffering from maladaptive behaviors, such as robbery ,knifing, murder or assassination may kill themselves or may injury, lives and property, of others. Some scientists, believe, individual who commit suicide actually are aggressive and violent and their aggression, sometimes moves towards others and in some cases diverts toward themselves. If jealousy is stimulated or have a grudge against someone, then such individual easily committ suicide or murder others. So often, bankrupted person, or who lost loved ones ,suddenly get so anxious and feel helpless that engage in self-injury activities. In some situations mental pressure, financial crisis and failure in love, can be cause of suicidal attempts.

self-injury:Ten important cautionary signs of self-injuries

  1. Specific clothing such as wearing trousers and full sleeves in summer and being careful about sleeves not to indicate self-injuries
  2. Carrying any sharp equipment such as knife blade or lighter
  3. Blastering and self-injury attempts in front of others
  4. Very low self-confidence
  5. Difficulty in emotion and critical situation management
  6. Excessive aggressive and violent behavior, lose of control on behaviors
  7. Persistent conflicts and fight with others
  8. Isolation, loneliness and disruptive behaviors
  9. Difficulties in interpersonal relationships with family friends and colleagues
  10. Deficiencies in different functional domains, such as a school ,university ,home and work

 Numerous causes, had been pointed for suicidal and self-injury attempts. Some of  the most important are, following: reducing tension and anxiety ,reaching to manic mode, endless of transfiguration ,creating or reinforcing positive sexual feelings,  internal satisfaction by punishing self, aggression release, satisfaction gained by dominating over self, safety feelings ,gullibility of others , being rid of loneliness. Anytime a member of your family ,will have self-injury attempts or are threatens any family member, immediately contact a consultant or specialist psychologist who is the best person to guide you, how to manage the situation In coordinating with psychologist. You can direct and encourage, the expected person, to seek help through, attending psychotherapy sessions.

 Self-injuries can be a sign of some metal disorders such as bipolar disorder, personality disorders ,depression, borderline personality disorders, anxiety related disorders, schizophrenia ,and  obsessive compulsive disorders.

:There are different forms of performing self-injuries among adolescents

  1. Cutting skin by sharp objects
  2. Scratching different body parts
  3. Dipping needle in body
  4. Head banging or banging head to objects
  5. Biting fingers ,wrist or different body organs
  6. Hair plucking
  7. Skin peeling
  8. Cutting different body organs
  9. Breaking their bones
  10. Attention seeking during act of self-injury
  11. Using syringe in order to pull out blood from body
  12. Injecting air
  13. Closing hand, legs or Nick with rope or material
self-injury?How to treat self injury

 Most often, neglect ,boycott ,lack of self-confidence and not being treated in  respectful ways, results in individual, aggressive and disruptive behaviors. Some individual become aggressive, in order to suppress their excitements and emotions, briefly.This individuals had not learn, appropriate and creative ways, to release and control their aggression.They are afraid of expressing such emotions.In certain cases, express it, in explosive form.

 They usually don’t accept responsibility for their emotions and adopt defense mechanism of reaction formation in order to, blame others, being responsible for aggression.

 Teenagers, should learn ,how to express emotions, through appropriate words and phrases rather than self-injury. They should be aware of the fact, that verbal expression of emotion decreases tensions. As such individual have, distorted self-confidence, cognitive therapy has great impact on their improvements.In situations, where emotions are wounded, talking is better than expressing aggression, but these individual are unable to do so. They, immediately, transfer their thoughts and emotions into inappropriate acts.

 Chronic aggression, is painful.Not only doesn’t helps, but is harmful. When person is angry, usually acts in a way ,that develops guilt feeling . Actually chronic aggeression is a cycle of pain and guilt.You don’t want to harm others,but when you come to know,will find how frequently you did it.There are number of different aggression control programs and impulse control methods, which are effective.

 Always try to solve your problems, before the condition becomes worse. If behavioral skills are not thought along with physical treatments, definitely complete relief doesn’t occur. Aggressiveness and inability to control it, has great impact on manifestation of, major damages such as,depression. Seeking help from consulting psychologists can help hurt person and relatives to manage crisis in short  period.

?How to help individual with self injuries and suicidal intentions

By immediate and appropriate steps, we can prevent many of self-injury actions. If you know people with such dangerous, intentions you need to take following actions:

  1. Be calm, listen to person carefully,ask the person to be calm and talk about, what is disturbing for her or him.Provide emotional support
  2. Directly discuss about self injury,most of the people have, ambiguous feelings, regarding, dead and dying,and they are eager to receive any help.Do not express your shock or fear,from individual self injury acts
  3. Reinforce individual to develop positive actions,and problems solving skills because, under emotional critical situation, person is unable to think in logical and proper way. Prevent them from an irrevocable decisions. Discuss about any positive changes that increases life hope within individual
  4. Notice suicidal signs, Form relation,through simple and direct questions, without any judgment
  5. Focus on suspicion and doubts, in order to help them
  6. Draw a program for future, as well as,develop short term goals for life
  7. 7.Submitting answers to survivors of self-injured individuals
  8. Suicidal attempts, require immediate involvement of psychotherapists
  9. Take assses from a specialists,especially,consulting psychologist

 Adolescents,with self-sadistic impulses, should be under observation of experienced psychotherapists in such fields.Such specialists,are skillful in speech therapy.They provide safe and unjudgmental situation for your children and youth. So that they can easily talk regarding their problems.Remember sometimes, it’s difficult for teenager to make conversation with parents, that’s why talking to strange and unknown person is easier.This is the reason that in such cases consultant can’t provide appropriate guide and help.

Translated and arranged by:Khizran Shahnahpour

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